Mastering Elliott Waves

Mastering Elliott Waves


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The Ultimate Learnig Opportunity!  From the convenience of your home / office / anywhere Learn how Sushil Kedia deciphers markets, chooses and picks up his trades & decides if he is going to take a directional bet or sell noise. How Sushil decides the position sizing, manages the risk on open positions and scales up or scales down exposure. Learn at your time & build your own pace to complete the Mastery within 18 weeks!

Online Learning can be personalized beyond what can ever be possible on a crammed two day Face to Face Seminar. For example, just one of the innovations  that you will have  direct one to one chat box with Sushil, amongst many such things we have assembled!

Focus of this online bootcamp is on achieving Mastery at Elliott Wave Analysis with balance of position sizing and risk management.

If you are already using any kind of technical analysis softwares, are comfortable with basics of chart reading, you will be able to fully and completely learn Sushil's methods in two days of deep working with him. However, if you have never done any technical analysis its even better, since Sushil works with Elliott Wave Analysis as a complete method of market analysis!