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Training by perhaps one of the most well-read of traders who brings the vibrance of the topic out well with whichever school of markets you come from

Hand Holding for Additional Eight Weeks after the Training Camp, with personal one to one chat with Sushil Kedia worth 20000 INR Bundled-in Four Additional fortnightly Clarification Webinars. Practise Tests & Quizzes can be taken up to 6 months to earn certification, free.  You’ll love the Learning Management System we are rolling out.

Plot the wave- counts through the course topic by topic, chart by chart with Sushil Kedia. Learn at your pace. Run your favourite charting softwares on your own devices to replicate our learning goals.

Prediction is not the only goal.  Learn to anticipate trending vs trading phase ;  altering bet size & stop strategy;  achieve equipoise in bull or bear markets; identify the nature of not just the current market move, but the next several moves on smaller & larger time frames.  At this uniquely delivered course!

Certainly bring with you those friends who say Elliott Waves are boring. We’ll make it seriously bubbly! Learning & business beyond thrives on networking. The way Sushil loves to curate it among his trainees, it will be delectably memorable. Ensure to connect with @kedianomics on twitter & elsewhere to discuss along with your friends.


Plot Charts on your own Laptop, Computer or any Device on your favourite charting software. Access the entire Learning Suite from anywhere, anytime on a Unique Password-less Login. As we progress through the course apply deeper & deeper concepts on live charts in real-time. Quizzes on theory are going to be complemented with deep encouragement for practically keep applying what you learn!


Practice with Additional Quizzes on our Online Learning Management System over six months. Earn Certification on scoring 70% aggregate!


While Learning In-depth is a reward in itself, it becomes deeply satisfying when you can play out your Learning Experience as a game. We shall gamify this to make each stage of your learning memorable with unique interesting Rewards to Accumulate, regularly!


KEDIANOMICS aims to add value, in everything we’ll do. Everyone we touch must gain! Knowledge is not only about what to do, but much more about what not to do. Decades of market exposure turn us confident to be able to help you with coaching that transmits what not to do!

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All Notes, materials, Practise Text Quizzes shall be available for 6 months online, in an exclusive Members’ Area built for the Delegates on our website. Practise thoroughly. Get Feedback. Acquire in-depth mastery.


A totally new orbit of hand-holding in this world of endless courses and trainers. Get one to one with the Master himself and stay connected one to one throughout. We have worked out a unique chat box for each student to privately discuss all and any doubts with the Trainer. Isnt that a wow?

Online Course : Mastering Elliott Wave Method
by an Active Trader!
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Practical Applications!

Sushil Kedia has worked across 25 years, with national & global Investment Banks & two large hedge funds. Now he has founded KEDIANOMICS – a research firm focusing on market timing,

high level risk & trading mentoring. Sushil has engaged over the years, at key global markets’ conferences around the globe as presenter, speaker & moderator. His commentaries have been solicited by major national financial media regularly & a few key global publications as Barron’s too.

While his chosen favourite market method is Technical Analysis he rigorously pursued the spectrum of academic rigour to study holistically, the science & art of investing & trading.

He earnt a graduate degree in commerce from St. Xaviers College Kolkata with Honours in Business Economics & Accountancy. He had achieved the All India 12th Rank in the inter exam of the Grad CWA qualification. Then he  specialized in Finance & Marketing in pursuing Post Graduation from the XLRI Jamshedpur

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School of Business. He had earnt the Charters for:

  • MSc (Fin Eng), from the National University of Singapore
  • CAIA, from the CAIA Institute
  • FRM from the GARP
  • CMT from the MTA
  • CFTe from the IFTA

He is the first Asian to serve on the Board of Directors of the Market Technicians Association, Inc. (2011-2014).  He is the Founder of the Association of technical analysts In India & considers opportunity to serve the community his fortune.  He lives in Mumbai & is fluent with Bangla, Gujarati & Marathi apart from Hindi & English.  Reading, writing, swimming, learning coding & an occasional string at his old sitar fill up any few & rare free gaps in his 80 hour working week. He spends most Sundays with scholars of the Bhagawad Geeta.

Here is an interview of Sushil Kedia. Michael Covel featured him on his globally followed Trend following radio Episode 93, way back in December 2012. Grab your seat first & come back, since this is likely a very engaging conversation to enjoyably gain some deep insights in how Sushil thinks & has learnt about markets, psychology, trading, risk & their management. Michael Covel, Bestselling author is the host of Trend Following Radio with 7+ million listens. Investments, economics, decision-making, human behaviour & entrepreneurship–all passionately explored.

Guests include Nobel Prize winners Robert Aumann, Angus Deaton, Daniel Kahneman, Harry Markowitz & Vernon Smith. Also: James Altucher, Dan Ariely, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Marc Faber, Tim Ferriss, Jason Fried, Gerd Gigerenzer, Larry Hite, Sally Hogshead, Ryan Holiday, Jack Horner, Ewan Kirk, Steven Kotler, Michael Mauboussin, Tucker Max, Barry Ritholtz, Jim Rogers, Jack Schwager, Ed Seykota, Philip Tetlock & Walter Williams.

Approaching Markets with either only fundamentals or only technicals or only quant methods is a lesser approach. Since, risk will always be there to provide returns. Here is, for you, a holistic trader & trainer, Sushil Kedia: debating himself in three roles as a Fundamental, Technical & Quant Analyst: